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Mermaid 2 - Identity

I've been playing around with covers for book 2 of the Mermaid Adventure series. The Mermaid's Apprentice Identity was my initial idea for the book's title. I'd say the book is 85% done. As the author, I'm never truly satisfied, but saying that and having a goal are two separate things. I rewrote an important early chapter, the narrative that it replaced was boring me to tears. The new chapter is the funniest bit of comedy I've ever written - that'd have been fun had I used that style the whole book. I'm still seeking a title for the book, and have yet to send it to be edited. So at the earliest we're looking at a month until its finished, which...

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Mermaid Adventures, Book 2 - Ramblings

Mermaid Adventures, Book 2 - I finally wrote a chapter I've been knowing needed to be written, but had never found a fun approach. Here follows the ramblings of an author trying to connect to their readers while working on a manuscript While talking to someone this morning about a "mistake" in "Mermaid Rising," I got to thinking, it could be the silver bullet to the unwritten chapter.So now, you may think I planned for it. Honestly, it was a mistake. I do hate not being able to share what, where and so forth, but it would spoil the story - but now it is all "fixed." That is if it makes the cut for the final manuscript.A couple other developments.I...

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