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Mermaid Adventures, Book 2 - I finally wrote a chapter I've been knowing needed to be written, but had never found a fun approach.

Here follows the ramblings of an author trying to connect to their readers while working on a manuscript

While talking to someone this morning about a "mistake" in "Mermaid Rising," I got to thinking, it could be the silver bullet to the unwritten chapter.

So now, you may think I planned for it. Honestly, it was a mistake. I do hate not being able to share what, where and so forth, but it would spoil the story - but now it is all "fixed." That is if it makes the cut for the final manuscript.

A couple other developments.

I have come up with a tentative title for book 2 and I have a draft for book 3.

Book 2 had three major theme's. I was up to 120,000 words and still going. My goal though of keeping to the same book length as book one was seeming unlikely. The desire to keep one theme was clouding up the vision for the book. A friend suggested I separate the manuscript into two books, worked for me.

Hooray, I have a draft for book 3! - but it also means book 2's draft was now half of what it used to be. It also means the title I had for book 3 has to be put off for another book.

Turns out the book split wasn't such a bad thing as I'm now able to spend more time with some sideline people who had brief lives.

Years later in the Spring of 2019 - I'm not even sure what I was saying by "mistake." I wish I did, I'd fill you in now. The split for book 3 may never see the light of day. Book 3 went a different direction because of how "The Mermaid's Apprentice" ended. The split I thought to adapt for the "Christmas Ball" when I set out to write it. Though, it too was scrapped for what the short story became.

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