Mermaid 2 - Identity

I've been playing around with covers for book 2 of the Mermaid Adventure series.

The Mermaid's Apprentice

The Mermaid's Apprentice - Book 2 in the Mermaid Adventures series by C. L. Savage

Identity was my initial idea for the book's title. I'd say the book is 85% done. As the author, I'm never truly satisfied, but saying that and having a goal are two separate things.

I rewrote an important early chapter, the narrative that it replaced was boring me to tears. The new chapter is the funniest bit of comedy I've ever written - that'd have been fun had I used that style the whole book.

I'm still seeking a title for the book, and have yet to send it to be edited. So at the earliest we're looking at a month until its finished, which probably means two. I'd like to see it released by July 1st, but that is wishful thinking. Unless something comes up, expect August 1st (or sooner)[Note: Goes to show that even my expected deadlines are way off. It is the beginning of October and it isn't out yet. The cover is finished (about to be unveiled) and the book is edited.]

When I feel more confident of a release date, I'll put it up for pre-order on the Kindle.

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