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Mermaid Rising Finished

My first book, Mermaid Rising is now complete. The cover chosen: I can say that it is beautiful. The darling little lady that graces the cover is a champ to let her pictures be used. And a bit of divine providence, that while I was shopping for a cover she on her own had some pictures of herself done as a mermaid. All done by the same photographer recommended to me as the one to do my cover.At nearly 102,000 words, which printed will be ~340 pages, Mermaid Rising is ready to go. The last tweak completed only last week, I've closed the book to further revisions. It's time to let the reader have it.The text is being finalized by...

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Mermaid Rising - Jill

Jill grows up in Boulder, Colorado unaware of her heritage. Her family wants her to experience life as a normal American girl. She meets friends, teaches others and is soon to enter High-School. Everything a normal American girl gets to do. Not everything is going to go as planned...

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