Happy New Year - 2015!

"Mermaid Rising" is about to be released on the Kindle and a week or two later, the paperback will be available on Amazon.

Looking back a year, it seems hard to believe that the idea that became "Mermaid Rising" is now in book form. Much has happened since then - I've become a writer, spending most of my time with a keyboard in lap and my iPad tipped up on a table somewhere.

Putting out a book isn't an easy process, but a worthwhile one. I'm glad to have written it. I still laugh at some of the quirks of the characters. Reading the proof I had from the printer, I was still finding errors - but most importantly finding new things to laugh at. At one point a character "frowns," without giving away more than that - I find it the funniest thing ever. I still think its hilarious and I'd never had considered it before that reading.

That is one of the many reasons I continue to write - I love the quirks. The "story" is important, but for me it is the little things I remember most. I think writing should be fun.

Book two is taking form. It is a more difficult endeavor than its predecessor. For book one, I could invent everything. As seen on the back of the book, Jill jumps into the pool and ends up in the sea - how exactly does that work? As a writer its a process of discovery. I've heard how other authors let the characters talk to them. I've felt the same. With every word I learn about the people in the book. That continues in book two, but on a tighter regimen.

In all my writings, I start with an idea - A knock at the door. And out flows a first chapter. With book two, I began similarly, but soon wrote out a sequence that seems like it will be the end of the book. I've never done that before. It's impossible to say more without revealing what book two will contain, but I can say it is a Mermaid Adventure.

I'm rambling. It's just after midnight, January 1st of 2015. Happy New Year and all the best to everyone.

Note: This post was resurrected from my old site. It may not be the one that showed up on the site. The date of publication is from when it was added here.

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