Christmas Ball

Available December 15th 2016! The e-book is free through Christmas, wherever it is available (Kindle, Nook, etc) Don't think I'll get it to Google Play, but we'll see.

M3 (Book 3 of the Mermaid Adventure series) is taking so long, that most of 2016 has slipped by without more mermaid love! That's no good!

So! I took a couple weeks "off" to pen "Christmas Ball - A Mermaid Story." A fun little adventure to tide us over until M3 is finished.

The reason it is called M4+, is because for our mermaids to experience Christmas, it would have to take place after book 20 (or so). Because my books are about a week of the characters lives, and M3 is in July... So, to make it work, M4 will be in the fall of their current year. I forget off the top of my head, 2009? Anyway, it is in Christmas, with snow...

So here's a snapshot of the cover. Excellent work again by my cover designer. She's the best.

And the back cover writeup, for all those interested...

When General Washington crosses the Delaware on Christmas Eve, he does so with the aid of mermaids. In a vision, today’s President Tolvar MacLeod observes the historic event and decides to commemorate it by inviting a modern-day mermaid to his annual Christmas Ball.
Melanie McKenzie, mermaid extraordinaire, receives that invitation while hiking in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and decides to go. With the help of Belfast, an intelligent deer, she makes her way to Washington, D.C.
Unfortunately, trouble follows Melanie wherever she goes, it seems, and the Christmas Ball would be no exception. Can our mermaid avoid trouble, heal a divide between her and her BFF and successfully dance with a deer? She might possibly handle one of them, but certainly not all three.

Note: This post was resurrected from my old site. It may not be the one that showed up on the site. The date of publication here is from when it was added to this site.

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