Mermaid Rising & The Mermaid's Apprentice Bundle
Mermaid Rising & The Mermaid's Apprentice Bundle

Mermaid Rising & The Mermaid's Apprentice Bundle

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Mermaid Rising & The Mermaid's Apprentice

by C. L. Savage

About "Mermaid Rising": Jill is a mermaid, but grows up thinking she's a normal girl. It's only after waking in the bottom of a pool after a particularly vivid dream that she begins to wonder about her heritage. Her adventures take her between the beautiful Rocky Mountains and the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific.

About "The Mermaid's Apprentice": Melanie, one of Jill's friends from Mermaid Rising has chosen to become a mermaid. She leaves the comforts of home to help her uncle and takes along a friend. Both explore the South Pacific. One as a mermaid, and the other as a fairy. Their worlds cross and collide, forming some explosive fun. Join them and discover what it's like to be a mermaid and a fairy.

Mermaid Rising back cover

It was the quiet after the storm. I sat up in bed - what had awakened me? I tried to sit still to listen, but my heart was pounding. Throwing off the covers I turned to look out at the rising moon shining brilliantly through the departing storm clouds, its silver lighting up my room.

Goosebumps rose on my arms and I tried to rub them down. At the gym pool, I peered down from the diving board, watching as the rising moon cast its light upon the water. Moonlight trailed into the water and bubbles began to rise from the bottom, the pool thrilling to the moonlight as its water called to me.

Caught up in the moonlight’s song, I dove in an arc into the still waters, shattering the moon’s reflection. Blissful waters greeted me, calling to me as one of its own. It was a thrilling experience as instead of the expected pool bottom, a sparkling undersea vista welcomed me.

The Mermaid's Apprentice back cover

Melanie is a newly minted mermaid on her way to visit her Uncle Arlo, hoping to help him with his marine biology research and earn her tail. Along with Melanie on the trip is her dad and her friend Ri’Anne, who Melanie hopes will follow her in her footsteps to become a mermaid like her.

To teach another to be a mermaid takes magic and lots of water! Melanie’s plan is first to learn what it takes to be a mermaid, so she can teach Ri’Anne, all while doing research dives for her uncle. However, Ri’Anne is a fairy at heart, and while she wants to please Melanie, trouble can result when fairy meets water.

Will Ri’Anne choose to be a mermaid and fulfill her lifelong dream, or follow her heart and become a fairy and fly free? Can Melanie still fulfill her quest for a mermaid tail?