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Arlo - Missing Journal 2

I’ve some entries for Arlo’s Journal from “Mermaid Rising” that set up “The Mermaid’s Apprentice.” Here’s the 2nd entry following those from Section 2 of “Mermaid Rising.” July 13th - Day 2 at the Hospital I know the date - hooray! I felt so lost without that basic of life. The hospital arranged on my request to bring me my laptop and a change of clothes. It was with some trepidation that I received the key to my rig, all locked up like someone was caring and kind enough. It’s hard to tell if anyone went through my stuff, but as far as I can tell my research is unhindered. I also know where I am the Isle of Syreni as I...

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Arlo - Missing Journal 1

I've some entries for Arlo's Journal from "Mermaid Rising" that set up "The Mermaid's Apprentice." Here's the first entry following those from Section 2 of "Mermaid Rising." Date unknown (July 12th) - Day 1 at the Hospital I'm not sure of the date, I'm at the hospital. I've had a fever that has raged for a while. When I first woke, I thought this might be the afterlife, all was white. Then came color and pain, the shock of still being alive. Journaling was an ingrained habit, and seeing a pad of paper when I awoke, reached for it and saw that I had tried writing my thoughts before, but they were indecipherable. So I begin again. I'm in an island hospital...

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