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The reason that led to putting up the store for the website, is that I wanted Mermaid sweatshirts; now that it's gotten colder. I'd had a few t-shirts made at the start of the summer. I'd looked for a shirt printer that would enable me to sell the shirts I loved, but would print them on demand as people wanted them.

While looking at online printers I stumbled upon a printer that does nearly what I want. Unfortunately I have to choose the shirt types for people and hope they like them. Do send in suggestions if you'd like something else put up on the store. It isn't the biggest selection, but it might be available.

I ordered the Hoodie.


I'll update here once it arrives.

I've been wearing it a week. It looks and feels great. I'll follow with a couple pictures. On washing, careful it will (at least the Navy Blue) discolor whites. Washed another mermaid t-shirt with it, and it came out off color. I'd been washing my mermaid whites with the permanent presses, because hot might cause the print to melt. I'd had that happen in either the dryer or washing machine on one of my shirts from a different printer.

The promised pictures... Might be some dust/dirt, I've been wearing it all day. I love it so much! It's supper soft and comfortable.

Mermaid's Apprentice Hoodie - FrontMermaid's Apprentice Hoodie - Back

Note: This post was resurrected from my old site. It may not be the one that showed up on the site. The date of publication here is from when it was added to this site.

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