M3 Still Being Drafted

I'm excited to share that the work of the "first draft" of Mermaid Adventures book 3 (M3) is nearing completion. For so long I didn't know where the book was headed. Though, I knew what needed to happen from the start. If you've read "The Mermaid's Apprentice," then you know The Lazy Cloud has a "weeds" problem, and it needs to be taken care of. Hopefully that isn't too much of a spoiler to those that haven't read the book.

Okay, I've known that since day one, but how to go about it? And what does the story look like that involves all of that, and not be boring?! The early stages of the novel had been. Well it's not anymore.

The first book, "Mermaid Rising," was more pre-teen than Young Adult. I think "The Mermaid's Apprentice," fits better in the Young Adult category, but still for younger audiences. I'm hoping that M3, title still unknown, appeals to the mature teen. It's deeper and more involved. With lots of things going on. Yet still appealing for those that have read books 1 & 2. We'll see if the magic holds for everyone.

No spoilers, but some information. The book continues with Melanie (her dad and uncle), Ri'Anne, Gigi and some new cast members. We will see Jill again in book 4 (I hope). I already have a good idea on the subject for that book, as I had for this one. It will be fun to delve into it, but not until M3 goes to the editor.

I do hope to release M3 sometime in the fall, but I've no deadline, being my own publisher. Which means a better book for everyone since it won't be rushed.

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