Enrico, M2 Deleted Scene

Since it is a long time between books, how about some deleted or alternate scenes to already published books?

Enrico is a side character we meet in The Mermaid's Apprentice while our team is in Papua New Guinea. There was a time when I thought he might be the intro for a bad guy, thug type. In the end he became the writer, with a fabulous yacht wishing he had company.

Remember our team is walking the piers of Papua New Guinea. "Dad," Melanie's father Jeb is enamored with yachts, and takes a walk down a long pier of fabulous boats. Jeb voices his opinion of one yacht, Enrico overhears him and invites them aboard.

The following is cut from the book. No editor has seen this.

“Oh, guests!” said a beautiful woman opening sliding glass doors to a well-appointed lounge. “Do come aboard. Life is so boring. I’m so glad you brought us in Enrico, we needed fresh company. I’m Madame Irene, we’re so delighted you stopped by.” Looking to dad she held out a hand for him saying, “‘You’ may call me Irene.”
I almost laughed as dad kissed her hand as that seemed what she wanted.
From behind her came a couple fierce looking fellows, but they smiled and asked for our bags. We were close to handing them over before we knew what was what.
Just then a plop of bird poop splatted down between us, and a pelican peeled away squawking, “Beware, beware!”
The woman shrieked and went inside. “Pesky creatures, Enrico?!”
In the time it took her to shriek, Enrico had opened a panel and pulled out an assault rifle with scope, lifted it to his shoulder and took aim at the bird. He pulled the trigger, the shot ringing out over the water and the bird twisted in flight and fell towards the water. He kept the rifle to his shoulder, and then satisfied he put it away.
“Dad?” I edged towards the pier.
“Right, we’ll be going,” Dad said pushing up.
“But you just got here,” Enrico entreated. “Don’t let a poopy bird deter you. It would be so nice to sit and talk. Let’s just go inside.”
Dad almost relented, but saw a gap building between us and the pier. “Hurry ashore,” and he made us jump. Gigi last making the five foot jump look easy.

The chapter the scene became is much better. Though this could have been a nice lead in to later material as well. It is fun to see how the book might have gone.

Until next time.

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